Online Pilates Classes


During these uncertain times, many of you may feel uncomfortable with returning to a public Pilates class.  In fact, if we have to continue to self isolate for periods of time you won't be able to attend these classes at all.  But do not worry, we will look after you! We offer online Pilates classes led by a physiotherapist. 

Physiotherapist led Pilates is an excellent way to improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, increase your overall fitness and functional ability, prevent injuries and improve your mental health.  Now you can exercise from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you, safe in the knowledge that the exercises are taught by an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist.

Just £5 to register and you will receive a health questionnaire, so we can recommend appropriate classes and an introduction video to teach you the basics of Pilates.

Once registered you can choose from a list of classes including HIIT Pilates, general Pilates, Post-natal Pilates, Ante-natal Pilates, lower limb focus, upper body focus or core focus. 

You can enjoy the class/classes as many times as you would like in the week, at times that suit you and your family.

The Physiotherapist running the online class will explain the benefits of each exercise and will show you different levels depending on whether you are new to Pilates or advanced.

Monthly Packages available:

Bronze          £12/month

You will receive one class a week of your choice

Silver           £18/month

You will receive two classes a week of your choice

Gold            £24/month

You will receive three classes a week of your choice

Ante-natal Package:                      £35

One new class a week for 10 weeks

(package can be repeated after that)   

Post-natal Package:                      £25

Introduction video plus one new class

a week for 6 weeks

(package can be repeated or you can progress

to general or HIIT Pilates classes)   

Focus Package (lower limb, upper limb, core):   £20 

One new focus class a week for 6 weeks


Holly, Surrey

I have really enjoyed your ante-natal Pilates class. In fact, it is the most relaxed I have felt for week!

S.B, Brackley

Just done my first General Pilates class-it was great! Thanks!

Z.P, Brackley

I started the day with your Pilates was fab!  I will be recommending the classes to my colleagues and friends.